The style of Karate taught at the WPKC is Tsuyoi, which literally translated from the Japanese means “power”. Tsuyoi was introduced into the UK by Hanshi Gerry Bryan (9th Dan) in the 1960s following his visit to the southern Japanese islands of Okinawa. Today, Hanshi Bryan is the chief instructor of Tsuyoi in the UK and is an internationally esteemed figure within Karate.

Founded in 1989 by the late Sensei Steven Papadopoulos (4th Dan), the Worcester Park Karate Club has a proud reputation within the community for providing students of all ages with the ability and confidence to defend themselves in a street-fight situation. This, however, has only been achieved by a high-level of competence and dedication from the instructors together with the presence of strict discipline.

The WPKC comprises students of all ages and backgrounds. Currently, the youngest student is 5 years of age while the oldest is 61 years.

All instructors at the WPKC are classified as “voluntary workers”. An attendance fee of £4 per session-paid when the student arrives-is charged in order to pay for the rent of the school hall. There are no membership fees and no hidden extras. Further to this, the cost of a grading for all grades is £10.00. Once again, this fee goes towards the rent.

The WPKC is at the forefront in installing in students the following attributes: